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Hurricane Links
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These are the sites that I find are some of the more useful. 
Please let me know if any stop working or if you know of any useful links 
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A word on 3-day/5-day forecasts

- in the last few years, 3 day forecasts have become fairly accurate - the 2 day gap to the 5 day forecast is not so accurate - BEWARE! regardless storms can suddenly jog either side of their predicted course - Stay Alert and keep checking back ---



Paul Curtis - Terrapin Service
Main Index
A consistently accurate site, lots of data and fast loading graphics 
After selecting the storm of interest, click on Forecast Track for a great graphic


Institute for Astronomy -  University of Hawaii
Latest Atlantic Map This is the another one I always go to. 
Times are UT (which = GMT) which means Bahamas Time is 6 hours later. 
The solid line is where it's been, the dotted line is where it's going, speed is shown in the colour key.


US Navy
US Navy 
Nice precise layout of the current storms


Sites with multiple models
Just because the major sites agree where it's going - you're not off the hook - look at some of the other computer models -   GO to the area under the big map, for the storm of interest, and click on "Computer Models".


MIT                          Colorado State


What's coming next.
Hurricane Alley
Fabulous site for a look at the Atlantic between Africa and ourselves to see the waves lining up.


National Hurricane Centre
Well these guys should know what happening 
National Hurricane Centre Home Page
To see the 3 day or 5 day graphic click on "Maps and Charts", personally I always go to the 5 day as it shows both.
Satellite imagery
Storm Names


FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
Hurricane Fact Sheet and awareness
Terms defined
Lots of good info on this site - they also link to the University of Hawaii 


The Weather Channel
Tropical Season Page
Animated Caribbean Satellite map


Hurricane City
Hurricane City
Slow loading site but contains a wealth of information - animated graphics,  visible, infra red, computer models - the lot!


Other links:

Fort Lauderdale's Sun Sentinel's Storm Page

Caribbean Hurricane Network

Hurricane Advisories
Crown Weather Service

NEW LINKS - a page where I quickly throw any new informational pages I find.
Worldwide Storms - again from the University of Hawaii -a great map if you want to see how the rest of the world is doing.


Saffir-Simpson Scale

Category 1  74-95 mph
Category 2  96-110 mph
Category 3  111-130 mph
Category 4  131-155 mph
Category 5   > 155 mph

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